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Whether it’s overcoming illiteracy, acquiring new skills, earning a degree, or advancing your career. With thousands of free and paid courses, eLearning has proven to be an excellent education tool in accelerating knowledge.

Access anytime

Offering flexibility in terms of scheduling and pace of learning, students can access courses at their own convenience, allowing them to balance their studies with other responsibilities such as work or family commitments. 

Access Anywhere

At home, at work, during traveling, from smartphone to laptop, elearning eliminates all geographical barriers, allowing even students from the most rural areas to learn from experienced teachers and access educational materials.

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How to start in the e-learning world

Visit the comprehensive information pages of Xippia eLearning, designed to assist students, teachers, and corporations in navigating their educational journeys. We understand that starting out can often feel overwhelming. Our easy-to-read check lists are tailored to your specific needs. Start exploring our guides first and embark well informed on a journey of knowledge and growth.

Popular Institutions


Coursera partners with more than 275+ leading universities and companies to bring flexible, affordable, job-relevant online learning to individuals and organizations worldwide.

Night Zookeeper

Join the thousands of children reading, writing and learning on our program every day. The gamified and incentivised experience makes language arts fantastically fun for your child. 

Xippia eLearning Resources

Discover handy education portals

From online dictionaries to encyclopedias to support e-learners, to guides and software to set up an online course as a teacher, the Internet offers a treasure of information resources to support online education. Find out more on the Xippia eLearning resource pages.

Trendy Courses

Machine Learning A-Z™

Learn to create Machine Learning Algorithms in Python and R from two Data Science experts. Code templates included.

Health and Fitness

Explore all free courses in physical fitness and mental wellbeing, as well as caring for others. 

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