Night Zookeeper eLearning for children

Night Zookeeper

Fantastically Fun Learning

Night Zookeeper helped already over 1 million children aged 6-12, to develop their writing, reading and creative thinking skills.

Join the thousands of children reading, writing and learning every day

Night Zookeeper is an online learning platform for kids that combines storytelling, creativity, and educational activities. It provides a virtual world where children can explore and interact with a magical zoo, create their own characters, write stories, complete challenges, and develop their literacy skills in a fun and engaging way.

The Night Zookeeper platform aims to inspire young imaginations, foster a love for writing, and enhance critical thinking and language abilities in children.

By using a gamified and incentivised experience, our program makes language arts fantastically fun for your child, teaching them through thousands of Games, Challenges & Lessons.

It works on tablets, laptops and PCs, making it flexible and easy to access.

Free access to resources for teachers and parents to use with children aged 6 to 12 to improve their reading & writing skills.

You can try it for free with our 7 day trial!

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