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“We believe that free education, more than anything, has the power to break through boundaries and transform lives, and ultimately the world, for the better.”

Sign up & get access to 4000+ free courses & career development tools in: Business, Health, IT, Sales & Marketing, Languages, Management, Personal Development, Teaching & Academics.

Alison is one of the world’s largest free learning platforms for education and skills training. It is a social enterprise dedicated to making it possible for anyone, to study anything, anywhere, at any time, for free online, at any subject level. Through our mission we are a catalyst for positive social change, creating opportunity, prosperity, and equality for everyone.

Our services and products deliver freedom to learn and the tools to succeed – enabling employers, learners, publishers and employees to empower themselves and others. By doing so, we also actively make the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals a reality.

Enroll today with Alison Free Online Education and join 25M+ Students & 5M+ Graduates !

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Once you have found the course you want to study, all you have to do is click on the Start Now button to enroll and get learning. All Alison courses are self-paced, so you can study whenever you want, wherever you want. Manage your time, track your learning and see your knowledge grow with our practical learner dashboard.

Become a Graduate

You can take or re-take an assessment on Alison anytime you want, but we require scores of 80% or more to pass. Once you have passed all the assessments on your course, you are officially an Alison graduate!

Acquire your Certification (small fee)

Once you have completed your course, you can download your learner record as proof of your achievement. Should you like something more official, you can purchase your certificate or diploma (depending on the type of course you’ve completed) and we will post it to you. We offer free standard shipping worldwide. Your Alison Certification can be included with your CV/Resumé to share with potential employers, or just to share your achievement with the world!


We believe that through education, everyone has the power to change their lives, and ultimately the world, for the better. Use your new skills and knowledge to improve how you work, to get that new job, promotion or college placement, or to start a new business. Our free learning gives you the freedom to learn and the tools to succeed. So why not Empower Yourself and others today!

Alison: Empowering millions since 2007

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